Sunday, May 1, 2016

4 Free Apps To Learn Yoga At Home

In today's fast-pace world where everyone is busy in running behind their needs in hectic routine results in the negligence of  health,whether is it mental or physical health,because if any one of this health get affected it will affect our productivity which will lead to more problems, so what is the solution to this? this thought would have started roaming in your mind.
 But today we have an impactful and ancient answer which not only gives us mental health but also physical in the form of Yoga- a technique which make us aware about the real way of  living life.

Yoga is a way  which has been a part of  india and the heroes which made country can't conquer anything in the world until you conquer your yourself   for this you will have to connect your mind with your soul and there is no betterand effective technique than  yoga to acheive this state of mind.history of yoga has proved it's usefulness by helping so many people to bring their lost lives again on track,which  derailed due to improper live styles,but today some people even after knowing this gives us excuse of not getting time to do yoga,because of which they couldn't enroll in yoga classes.

Are you also in same dilemma what to do then?No,problem  don't worry as today.  All of us are living in digital age where everything is available on online platform where we can learn yoga through such online platforms easily and according to our convenience at home. 
  Let us know about such platforms. iOS)(Free/$3.99) is one of the world's favourite and the most advance mobile yoga studio to date which  is enjoyed by over 7,000,000 fans worldwide.

  • is one of  the beautiful and simple app which can easily use by beginers also.It consists of 289 HD yoga poses along with breathing exercises also you can understand each exercise easily through HD videos,this unique quality make one of the largest database of yoga poses.You can search  for different poses by your skill,fitness level or by type.
  • It is suitable for all levels whether are you a beginner,intermediate and advanced yoga learners.
  • It also has 4 soothing breathing exercises to aid relaxation and meditations
  • It shows Hd video demonstration for all poses, app also shows muscle images for every pose.

2:Breathe well (Android & iOS,Free)

  • In today's fast  pace life it becomes very important to balance your life and work,In  order to do this we require state of mind  to relieve your stress,Breathing is mind so to make this task easy Breathe well is one of such app  which will help you.
  • Breathe long app presents a three phase guides to deep breathing based on the principles of meditation
  • Merging the power of your breath with technology,breathe long is an easy way of improving health and reducing stress

This app uses music and visuals to guide you to slower deeper breathing ,breathe long enhances the way you feel and leaves you with more energy ,stamina  and focus.

3:Daily yoga(Android &iOS,Free)
Daily yoga is one of the best app coaching app which is suitable or any level person whether is it  beginner  or has some knowledge of yoga.
This app consists of 50 HD yoga classic exercises and 400 yoga poses are shown in beautiful Hd video, live voice guide with soothing yoga music which is very interesting experience  for yoga learners.

4:Office Yoga To DE-Stress

Due to work pressure most of the people don't get the time to do yoga at home because they spend their maximum time in office so in such situation  they often neglect  their health  which eventually affects their  productivity.
Office yoga To DE-Stress is one such app which consist of postures which you can easily do in office in breaks.
You can do these postures whether you are at your desk,at  your office machines or any other place in your office this app poses will help you in de-stressing and relaxing completely.

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