Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sabji do App - A Digital Way To Help Farmers

Sabji do -app which is developed by Agra based software engineer is not only proving helpful to customers, but also to farmers,he built the online platform  to sell vegetables ,so Any person who might be reading this article will think"what is new in this" there are already applications like this in various cities. But why I have mentioned about this app because in this business they directly purchase vegetables from the farmers, earlier where farmers used to get very less prices  for the vegetables which they were selling in the market to the middleman people ,but the same vegetables were getting sold at high prices the reason behind  this the middle chain who take the large commission in this whole process . In this  whole process , both farmers and consumers are suffering  from loss but this platform addressed this issue they not only buy vegetable from the farmers ,but also give them the fare rate for their production and an opportunity to improve their lives  lets know the story which lead to invention of  this app
"Making it the 22-year-old right bhardwaj got its inspiration from a friend. He says, "One day I came to my farmer friend's farm. There were potatoes. I asked how many rupees a kilo of potatoes to sell. He responded three Rs. "

Were surprised to hear the answer to your friend right. That day in the market price of potatoes was Rs 20. Nearly seven times. Right from his friends understood the math. Then he realized that  how the market are occupied.

Sabji do- app founder who was preparing for his civil services when he realised the problem of farmers then he decided to built this app, he built this app in one month because of the app the people of Agra is not only getting good vegetables at cheap rates but also good quality vegetables, they also provide the option of returning vegetables if you are not satisfied with the quality of vegetables,besides you get free delivery of vegetables to your home.and by keeping that most people who do not have that much Information technology knowledge he kept very simple to place the order on this app.

                           The most important advantages of this app they update the prices of vegetables in every three days so farmers can get fare rate according to the market and also provide vegetables at big retail market prices so because of which customer get vegetables cheaper besides this app they are also generating employment where many people are calling adhikar and telling him they will work as a delivery boy to deliver the vegetable according to farmers who is a part of this business that the vegetables which earlier used to get damaged doesn't get damaged.because  they produce the vegetables according to demand by customers and  vegetables are directly  purchasedby sabji- do people from their farms and then sold it directly to customers through this app.
 This service is currently operating in Agra only but to huge demand they are planning to extend this service to other places also.this images completely defines what sabji do- is all about.

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