Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Prashant Kishor The Most Popular Figure Now?

                                Prashant Kishor- "Digital chanakya of modern politics"
 Let us know about the person who became a digital chanakya of modern Indian politics and why i am using word phrase "digital chankya" ,to know this first you will have to know about Prashant Kishor and his story.Prashant kishor is the same person  who changed the winds of Indian politics in 2014,who changed the ways of promotion in traditional politics,whether it is to promote Bjp on social media in the form of twitter or any other platform on social media.
Prashant Kishor is the brain behind campaigns like  chai pe charcha,which became very popular during 2014 lok sabha elections,not only Prashant had brought the advance techniques like 3D-hologram rallies.

" Abki bar modi sarkar" or "har har modi ghar ghar modi "who can forget these slogans which were in the mouth of every person during 2014 elections ,but the man behind these slogans is prashant kishor,it was the amazing talent of Prashant and his team only because of which PM Modi became a brand in 2014 elections.

Prashant Kishor was working as a health worker in united nations, then he quit his job in 2014 to bring changes in political governance model and, he got quite opposed for this decision by his family/ First time when he came in contact with then Gujrat CM Narendra Modi in 2012 elections ,where he did amazing work as a  result of which Narendra Modi gave Prashant the responsibility to handle his party election strategies and from online promotion to the working on the ground level.
He used to live at cheif minister resedience when he was with Narendra Modi in Gujarat,and then Prashant again association with Narendra Modi did magic then what happened rest is the history ,but in 2014 end ,he quit his association with Bjp due to some personal reasons.

                                                                                                          In 2015, he  associated with Bihar Cm Nitish Kumar to handle his election campaign strategy ,where he handled his online campaign to working on booth level,this was the result the result of his strategy only that Nitish kumar and LaluPrasad Yadav who were not so active on social media in 2014 elections became quite active on social media whether it is Twitter or online janta darbar,or famous dubsmash video of LaluPrasad Yadav  during Bihar elections. 
Prashant Kishor has also started campaigns "har ghar dastak to reach  to maximum people or campaigns like nasta pe charcha or parcha pe charcha.

He was aware of  that the most people  in Bihar get influenced by songs,movies,he promoted Nitish through  song" “Bihar mein bahar ho, phir se Nitish  kumar ho which became very popular in the Bihar election.
"History repeats itself" this proverb completely defines Prashant kishor work,where he created history in 2014 elections and again in  Bihar elections

Prashant success on global platform:International assignments have also started pouring in. In Tanzania, where elections just got over, the Kishor-founded Indian People’s Action Committee (IPAC) provided consultancy services to the wining Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Party.
It is the result of Prashant's success only that he is now associated with congress for 2017. Up elections,where he will be having responsibility to revive congress party from past failures.

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