Thursday, April 14, 2016

6 Amazing Mouthwatering Indian Street Foods

India and it's different food versions are always an interesting subject for explorers.Every Indian city has its own specialty of delicious food items,India is very famous for it's cheap and mouthwatering streetfoods.Here is a list of  5 such popular food items.

  • PaaniPuri-

Whether is it Golgappe,panni puri or puchkka,whatever the name be,It is a popular street food snack which is known by different names in different parts of India,but the one thing is unique about panipuri is it's mouthwatering taste which will make you a fan of this dish.Puri is a round hollow fried crisp puri that is stuffed with a mixture of chickpeas,spiced mashed potato served with a tangy water made of  is very popular street food to lose the heat, especially in summers.

Dabeli is one of the popular snacks of the Gujrat.Dabeli is a dish which consists of Indian bread bun (pav)which is stuffed with extra-spicy potatoes served with spicy sauces,after filling the mixture pomegranate is added on the top to enhance the flavor.It is dabeli mind blowing taste only which made this street food popular in other parts of India.


When you are on a trip in Mumbai and want to explore the popular street food,then there is no better thing than vada pav to start with,a street food which you will find in every streetand corner of Mumbai.Indian bread bun(pav) stuffed with spicy fried mashed potato between the bread bun and served with fried chillies,spicy and sweet chutneys.Mumbai is a city ,which never stops the only moment you will feel people have stopped while they are enjoying this delicious street food.

Masala dosa is one of the popular street food from South India.Dosa is the sout rice dough which served with a filling spiced potato inside,the coconut chutney and steaming hot sambar combination which make this dish special and unforgettable for your taste buds.

Idli is the most popular street food.Idli is a round soft food made up of rice and urad  dal ,idli served with sambar and chutneys,it is usually eaten for breakfast,Idli's delicious taste is enough to salivate your taste bud and will make you realize why idli is so popular Indian Street food.


 Whether to call this popular street food Kachori,Kachodi or Kachauri its name will not change your opinion, it's amazing taste will remind you of shakespeare's famousquote"What's in a name".
Kachori is a crunchy flattened ball made of fine flour it is stuffed with potatoes,lentils or peas --inside.It is served with curd and chutneys which makes this street food more delicious.
It is very popular street food in North India especially in Uttar Pradesh and West bengal.                                                                        

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