Monday, March 9, 2015


when do we think about vip culture in india ,one thing suddenly comes in our mind how  I can raise question against it ,because you are a common man ,you don't have a right to raise question against anything.Many of us who are  in India saw a common man picture that that whole traffic is just stopped in order to pass vehicles of Vip people, but how can you stop ambulances  in which someones life is at stake just because one Vip car is passing from there.

-In democracy, every person is equal how can they more give importance to vip security than someone,s life,one more example Iwould like to share  rising vip culture in temples of India ,or any other religious place.When do you visit any temple in today s time ,where some people are allowed to get special treatment in temples.If god see all of us equal why some people who claim to be god messengers  give different treatment tothe common man or vip.It seems like with death of Rk laxman  ,his common-man is also dying in this country in such a ways.

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